Glass software

Safir is the most modern ERP solution for glaziers among the SMB. It’s a non modular application. All or nothing. Offers, orders, invoices, order process, overdrawn and creditors as well as integrated records are standard. That is among the characteristics. Thanks to Safir, you have a tool to optimize your daily processes. Intuitive and it doesn’t require any efforts: an efficient value added for your firm. Safir is developed by glass professionals for glass professionals.

Safir is the Swiss software for glass

Plans for an accurate lacquering, glass structures with detailed insulated including steps , are among the possibilities. All glasses are generated in a standard way with PDF and DXF plans. Thus, glasses can be directly sent to the production.

Safir is a sofware solution based on the web. It enables you to refer to your data anytime, anywhere in an independent way from your operating system or your device. May it be on your PC Windows at the office, on a MacBook at home or on a pad on the worksite or at the customer’s. Safir is always there when you need it and your important data can be seen anytime. Homeworking is a child ‘s play and without any difficult connections from a faraway office.

The installation of our external servers, in one of the biggest Swiss calculation centers, allows you to avoid the purchase fees and high-cost installation in your office. Besides, you don’t have to worry about your data backup. We do it.

When buying new material, you don’t need any new installation or adaptation from Safir. Therefore, you can buy a new computer or a new pad anytime, Safir will immediately welcome you into the browser of your new device.

Have you already switched to Safir?


Manage your products, your address data and your orders in one place. Create different types of prices according to your customers. Watch the sale stats of your different products. Credit accounts and debit accounts in a simple and clear management.


- Clear statistics already on the dashboard
- Included records of files; just add easily emails, photos and plans
- Open offers follow up and decision of a deadline
- The central data base for Iris, Armoni and your online shop

Access whenever and wherever you want

- Reachable via your browser 24/7 round the world
- No need of installation on your terminals
- Works with operating systems and standard terminals
- Included support during office hours
- No need to know the materials, you have access whenever and wherever you wish


Your security is important for us. Only possibility to have access with a personal login.


Safir is for the moment available in German, French, Italian and English. Choose the language corresponding to your customers et Safir will switch to the appropriate language. A simple click enables you to change the user’s language if necessary. Furthermore, other languages can be easily added.

You don’t have to buy Safir, you only suscribe. The costs are charged every year. The software has been specifically developed to meet our customers’needs. This is the reason why it is important to us to be attentive when we set prices. We will be pleased to give you some advice for a detailed offer.