Iris 3D design app for glass construction

There are many configurators on the market. Each product wants to make your task easier. But here is the problem: you need an interface in your ERP solution from each independent system or you manually enter your data twice. Our approach goes further. As the only software in the glass field, we are offering you a complete solution which perfectly fits. In a few seconds, all your data are detailed in SAFIR. It’s exceptional and it allows you to save time and money. IRIS is also available as an individual solution.

Iris is the Swiss design app for 3D glass construction

From the measuring process to the 3D visualization or a fast set up of the backboard, You can professionally manage and lead your glass firm to the future. It goes the same for selling. Your customer already receives a 3D visualization of his shower with the offer. Iris is a software based on the web; it has the great asset to get access to your data anytime, anywhere and it’s independent from your OS and your computer. May it be on the Windows PC at the office, on a MacBook at home or on a pad on the worksite, Iris is always here when you need it. Your important data are reachable anytime.

The installation on external Swiss servers, whose maintenance is ensured by professionals allows you to avoid high costs of installation in your offices. Your data security is also guaranteed.

As far Iris is concerned, no new installation or adaptation will be necessary in case you buy new device. Thus, you can buy a new computer or a new pad, IRIS will welcome you on its favorite browser.

Have you already switched to Iris?

Have a go at building: kitchen backs, showers, all glass box installation, doors installation types and shapes of your choice.

Time saver up to 20 minutes for kitchen backboard back. Only one measuring needed. Enter once in Iris, process, send through DWG to the production and correct prices and customers’ confirmations to Safir.

Iris doesn’t only make glass. Thanks to our single module laser (illustration of measuring process), you can accurately register the actual situation and plan your glass.

Where do you put your photos, the worksite information, the coordinates, personal notes and sketches?

Access whenever and wherever you want

- Reachable via your browser 24/7 round the world
- No need of installation on your terminals
- Works with operating systems and standard terminals
- Included support during office hours
- No need to know the materials, you have access whenever and wherever you wish

Your security is important for us. Only possibility to have access with a personal login.
Share your projects within your company with other users.

At the moment Iris is available in German, French, Italian and English. You can switch language at any moment by clicking on the mouse. Moreover, other languages can be added easily.

It’s not an obligation to buy Iris, you just have to subscribe. Costs are charged annually. The configurator has been specifically developed to meet our customers’needs. This is why it’s important to us to be attentive when we establish a price. We would be pleased to give you some advice for a detailed offer.