Suisse Software
for Glass Professionals

Our products make your work easier and more than you may have thought up to now. Where can you optimize your company? In the offers, orders entry, in the measuring process and in the work planning. Probably also in an optimization involved in the setting-up and deliveries. Is that already the case with your solution: you enter a product and it is automatically suitable for all the extra programs ? It's more likely that new programs might have been added over the years. The operations are hand – entered especially in Excel lists, without any real control or guarantee that everything has been entered. Most of the time , there is no user interface or the development to make them usable costs a huge amount of money. Is that the reason why you've been giving up so far ? 

Leave the past behind you- it's time to dive into future now!
Besides we communicate and we are on the same page...

Your assets

All of our products can be found online. Nothing to install on your on your internal servers, your computers or your cloud. You connect wherever you are and whatever the machine you're working with. Our products are independent. No expensive updates,. It's our responsibility. You devote your precious time to your clients and company.

Our solutions

Our goal aims at finding the best solutions. We link the most recent devices to our products. As a client, you'll make the most of it and especially for more than 19 years. Softwares, glass, and fittings We're loving it. We know what we talk about and we make things move on. Challenge us.

Strong together

You are a professional in your field. You invest in new machines, vehicles and lifting technology. You have highly trained staff and a great exhibition. To the outside world, you are perceived as a modern company. It is time to implement this on the digital level as well. How nice it would be if there was a complete solution that combined most of the functions and programmes and was also affordable. We have the solution!

May the solutions be found in the Iris 3D design app for glass, in the Safir ERP, in your set-up planning or in your online shop, all the solutions work like a clock and they fit together. This is exactly what BRF Solutions represents.

A swiss software for glass professionals.

As a user of different programs, you only have one aim: «I want something simple and efficient.» The software must reduce the amount of work and prevent from more spending. Ideally, it must erase mistakes. Unfortunately, most solutions don't offer that. It costs time, nerves and a lot of money. Expensive updates, new servers and data savings often prevent you from doing something new. Nevertheless, you should devote your time to your clients ressources and to your products.